Examining ISA Engagement Scale as Mediating Between Role Organizational Communication Satisfaction and Performance in Jordanian Hospitals

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Yousef Ali Mohammad Alrefai, et. al.


In Jordan, the public healthcare industries retained by the government and tremendously subsidized. However, the quality of care, personnel and facilities are far outreaching from satisfactory. Besides that, the private sectors may be expensive to access the care, quality of treatment and communication satisfaction derived is unwary. This study proposes RBV theory and JD-R model to determine the factors which lead to organizational communication satisfaction and nursing performance in the Jordanian hospital context while investigating the mediating roles of employee engagement. This article is describing the writing criticism of quantitative discoveries by investigating communication satisfaction and work performance. Through the analysis, found that there is a positive and significant effect of communication satisfaction and performance with employee engagement as mediating. Likewise, communication from the organization stage is needed for nurses to evolve the clinical skills and improve communication skills with patients and increase performance

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