Some Issues Theory and Practical of the Organizational, the arrangement in the Political System in Current Vietnam

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Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuan


The arrangement, and organizational structure of the political system, streamlining, effective and efficient operation is a very big problem, very important but also very difficult, very complex and sensitive, as it relates to basic theoretical issues about the Party’s leadership mode, the State’s managerial role and the people’s right to mastery; on renovating the political system synchronously with economic innovation; relations between the state, the market, and society; related to the interests, feelings, emotions of cadres, civil servants, officials, and employees, etc. Renovating the organization, improving service quality and performance of non-business units public is very necessary, has profound political, economic, cultural, social, and humanitarian significance, contributing to the cause of rapid and sustainable national development according to the socialist orientation. Recognizing that importance, for many years, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the organization and personnel work has been paid special attention and has seen many positive changes. Based on theoretical and practical issues in the reorganization of the many in the political system, this study shows the problems posed when arranging the political system; analyzes the causes; theoretical problems are drawn out when arranging and organizing the political system in Vietnam today.

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