Conceptualizing Human Security in South Asia: Patterns of Challenges

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Dr. Muhammad Umer Hayat, et. al.


The research entails the essential elements of human security related to major states of South Asia.Human security is connected with wellbeing of people in general. No peace of mind can be achieved without eradicating fears of mind.Human security is an emerging paradigm addressing threats to the individuals and communities rather than state. Principally the utmost objects of concern are individuals, though despite of their differences in diversities like ethnicity, racism, religion, creed, ideology or nationality. The security situation is becoming more and more alarming and shaky all around the world. This research paper deals with different issues of human security in regional states. The rising poverty, lesser resources for population& job insecurity are major areas of concern to the population of these states. Four states of the region are considered here with specific purpose that are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

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