Modern Arabic Terminological Efforts in the Balance

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Dr. Lina Ali Al-Jarrah, et. al.


This study aims to study modern Arab efforts concerned with formulating and disseminating the term, describing and evaluating these efforts. These efforts were divided into individual and institutional efforts, and the theoretical and applied aspects of them were presented in this study in a brief way,in order to check their role in the issue of setting up and legalizing the term; to show their main achievements, evaluating them and show their main features since these efforts even they are pioneer in this area but they didn’t  reach the  natural follow  up of movements of terms which are created by the centers of studies and publishing all over the world. Then I will address after all recommendations that I didn’t claim they are new entirety but they may be able - if they are put in practice-  to solve the issues of the term  and what is derived from of setting up, unification and publishing which can achieve Arab scientific unity

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