A Study On Influence Of Different Factors On Adolescent Girls In Selection Of Dresses

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Jhansirani. Vipparla, et. al.


Clothes can affect our physically, emotionally and psychologically in our daily lives.  A dress can show the self-confidence, changes in behavior, its attracts the others   and personality of the individual wearer. Each adolescent girl want to dress up in different manner compare with others and they want to show their self-confidence and personality through their dress. Due to this reason adolescent girls are very particular in selection of their dresses. Particularly they will consider and different factors influence on adolescent girls decision making on selecting and purchasing of dresses. Most of the adolescent girls are fashion conscious and aware of different brands. The present study was conducted on 150 adolescent girls aged between 17 to 19 years randomly selected from different colleges in Tirupati. For collecting the data questionnaire method was used. The results are showing that  75.5 percent of adolescent girls influenced while selecting their dresses and 47.4 percent  of the respondents are influenced by all factors respectively peer group, Actresses, Fashion, Movies, Relatives, Online shopping.  And the finding are showing in the present study 76.5 percent respondents thinking that in their group if any person purchase a new dress they also want to purchase a same type of dress. Further the results shows that 66 percent of adolescent girls selecting their dresses according to quality of the fabric design of the fabric, suitability of their personality and cost of the dress.

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