Common Sport Injuries Sustained by the Players of the Palestine Team for the Jujitsu

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Waleed M. Shaheen, Iyad A. Yousef


The current study aims to recognize the common sport injuries sustained by the players of the Palestinian team for the Jujitsu, the researcher has implemented the study on a sample of 21 athletes, 57.1% of them are male athletes, and 42.9 are female athletes, the questionnaire was used to collect data, and the researcher used the descriptive approach for the study. After the data were collected, the Statistical Package Program (SPSS) was used to analyze the results. The results of the study show that highest percentage of the injuries is for the shoulder joint with 20.9%, followed by thigh with 19.4%, salinity 10.4%, and ribs with 9%.  There are also no statistically significant differences on the most vulnerable parts of the body in the Palestinian team for Jujitsu attributed to the gender variable. The most common cause of sports injuries in the players of the Palestine team for Jujitsu was not warm up well ((warm up is not enough)) with a percentage of 31.3% followed by practical over training 16.4%.

The study also recommended the importance of rationing training and not excessive training unit, and the need to emphasize that warm up is sufficient and good before the training unit or competition. And the establishment of a file for the players of the Palestine team for Jujitsu, and recording their injuries to know the medical history of the player.

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