Psychological Impact of Covid-19 Epidemiological Measures on Czech University Students and Potential Protective and Risk Personality Factors in Educational Setting

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Lucie Křeménková, Jan Sebastian Novotný


Background: During the Covid-19 pandemic the educational system was hit by an unprecedented task with both, universities and students facing many challenges, both in study and life. The aim of this study was to assess psychological impact of Covid-19 epidemiological measures on Czech university students, and to examine the effect of personality traits on the perception of current situation. Methods: The sample consisted of 438 university students of Palacky University in Olomouc. Data were collected using questionnaires assessing psychological impact, personality characteristics, and attitudes and perception of current Covid-19 situation. Data were analysed using hierarchical multiple linear regressions. Results: The results showed that negative perception of Covid-19 situation increases depression, anxiety, stress, concerns about finishing the semester increase depression, anxiety, stress, concerns about own health increase depression, anxiety, concerns about family health increase anxiety, external locus of control increases depression, internal locus of control increases stress, resilience increases depression, anxiety, stress, emotional regulation scale strategies increase depression, anxiety, stress. Conclusion: The results suggest that systematic building of students’ resilience and clear, supportive communication of university with students might be effective strategies to prevent the negative impact of Covid-19 (or similar) pandemic on students’ mental state and well-being in educational setting.

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