Managerial Strategies of Institution toward Student’s Emotional Dynamic during COVID-19: A Preliminary Finding from Thematic Content Analysis Perspectives

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Nita Kanya, Aryo Bima Fathoni, Zulmi Ramdani


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes in the learning process on campus to be virtual based. One consequence of the situation has a significant influence on emotional patterns and psychological conditions of students becoming unstable. This study was conducted to explore the emotional dynamics that occur in students and see how strategies and effective management carried out by the campus to deal with the condition of these students. The thematic content analysis method was used in this study, involving a sample of 40 students and 5 staff and lecturers on campus through open surveys and semi-structured interviews. The results showed that the majority of respondents experienced various negative emotions during this pandemic and made their learning processes not optimal. The strategic steps taken by the campus include (1) routinely providing assistance through seminars and outreach to strengthen the psychological condition of students; (2) not many giving burdensome activities and tasks, as well (3) always communicating with students' parents at home in controlling the learning process during a pandemic. These results provide preliminary information about the importance of psychological interventions and other reinforcement activities for students which will be explained further in this paper

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