Teacher Lifelong Learning System as a National Model Supported by HEI-s in Albania

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Eva Cipi, Flora Qarri, Edvina Cipi


This paper shows the research work made with the purpose of developing a national teacher training system in Albania focused on teacher competencies on lifelong needs and based on the academic educational experience of universities. This paper demonstrates how to pattern a national platform of teacher training activities in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Agency for pre-university education in Albania. In this paper, it has been established a successful methodology of setting up this training system starting from the teacher needs mapping, designing of teacher training capacities at universities, and the implementation and assessment of pilot courses. The main benefit of developing this model is an optimal productive solution by coordinating and disseminating accredited modules with much higher expertise involved in a TLLL center network standardized that promotes the academic collaboration and European standards of teacher qualification.

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