Students Satisfaction about Distance Learning during Lockdown of Covid-19 Pandemic at the University of Jordan

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Ana’am Alkharabsheh, Ferial Abu Awwad


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has affected most countries of the world, has caused significant changes in the activities of many institutions and organizations. The transition to work under quarantine had a rather painful effect on the activities of universities. Educators, psychologists, instructors, parents and students themselves are just beginning to analyze a new and unexpected experience of Online Learning (OL). To study the student’s satisfaction, struggles and obstacles about the experience of OL, primary data has been collected from graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Jordan. We recruited 386 students in this study from all majors at the University of Jordan. The results of this study reflect the student’s satisfaction about the online experience and highlight the challenges the students had during the OL process, and how it affects their interest in distance learning and their performance. In conclusion, this study shows that students were not satisfied about the OL during the period of COVID-19 pandemic, and highlighted the technical and personal challenges which have affected their experience of distance learning particularly the scientific faculties more than health and humanistic ones.

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