The Angolan Civil War and the American Position in 1993

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Dr. Khalaf Obaid Hamood


The study has examined the Angolan civil war in 1993, and reference was made to the period during which the Angolan civil war broke out from 1975-1992. It is a long conflict that no other African country had ever witnessed.                                                                                            

    The research has also examined the extension of the Angolan civil war during the year 1993, in which continuous battles took place between the UNITA organization and the MPLA government, and the international community’s attempts to stop the conflict. All peace initiatives failed. The study also observed the attitude of the United States of America towards the war. America  two fold a double policy towards Angola which was the cause behind the continuity of the war. However its position witnessed a change in the second half of 1993 towards the two parties of the conflict to preserve its economic interests.

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