A Comparative Study of Social, Spiritual and Cultural Intelligence of Trainees Among Teachers Training Colleges

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Shilpika Tewari, Dr. Manju Sharma


Education is the training given for individuals so as to develop the characteristic potentials inherent in each one of them. All cannot be molded in the same cast and such type of uniform education for all is useless and futile. The pattern of education as practiced in India today comprises four major stages namely primary, secondary, higher secondary and higher education. The main aim of this research paper is to focus on the level of cultural, Social, Spiritual intelligence of trainees among teacher  training colleges at B.Ed. & S.T.C level. Data were collected through the Standardized tool (Questionnaire) and Cultural intelligence scale (CIS) – Self made. Findings suggested that cultural intelligence is very necessary in the trainees in training colleges, because they create the abilities in the trainees in their profession.

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