The Effect of Using the Little Teacher Strategy Among Fourth Grade Pupils on Their Mathematical Tendencies

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Saba Raad Mtansh, et. al.


The aim of the research is to identify the effect of using the strategy of the young teacher among fourth grade primary pupils on their mathematical tendencies, and in order to achieve the aim of the research, the researcher adopted the experimental approach, and applied the experiment on a sample of (61) students of the fourth grade of elementary school in Al-Shahid Jumah Al-Sudani School for the academic year (2020 - 2021), as it was distributed into two groups, one of them is an experimental that was studied according to the strategy of the young teacher by (30) students and the other was a control that studied according to the usual method by (31) students, the two groups were equivalent in variables (parental achievement, intelligence, previous achievement in mathematics Prior knowledge in mathematics), and the research tools represented in the mathematical tendency scale were prepared, so the mathematical tendency scale consisted of (20) items, and the validity, consistency and discriminatory strength of the scale were verified and were acceptable, and after the end of the experiment, the mathematical tendency scale was applied to the two groups (experimental and control ), by using appropriate statistical means, the results showed that there is a statistically significant difference between the experimental and control groups in the mathematical tendency scale in favor of the experimental group.

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