Measurement method by finding the global weight of item "A theoretical and practical model"

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Sattar Jabbar Ghanem


      The researchers tried to reach the method that has the highest accuracy in psychological measurement by eliminating the defects in previous and common measurement methods such as Likert's method or the Thurston method, so the current research aims to analyze both methods in an attempt to arrive at the method that is believed to be the most appropriate for measurement, Therefore, we find many psychologists build their tools to measure the psychological concept that they want to study and understand, and in this case verification of the validity of the scale construction, therefore the degrees obtained from it accurately represent the quantity of the concept or the psychological characteristic of the individuals of the sample and it is not an easy task, on this basis the research offers two hypotheses: 1- A weight can be given to item in the scale based on its weight among the members of the community, 2-The statistical method represented by the factor analysis can be used to find the weight of item, In a series of innovative procedures in the first application stage of the scale and the application of the factor analysis, the score obtained by the subject on the scale was calculated using the procedures followed in Likert's method and re-correcting each form by giving a special weight to each item in order to give each item a weight consistent  with its ability to represent the psychological concept, It is a matter closer to accuracy and objectivity in measurement as this weight is obtained by the researcher through the process of factor analysis, and thus the weight of item is the value of its saturation with the psychological concept, This weight is divided by the number of answer alternatives for each item , and the outcome of this process is multiplied by the previous weight of the alternative, this is what provided support and attribution to the research hypotheses.                     

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