Factors affecting the work of the war correspondent in Iraqi satellite channels

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Median Umran Mahmood


This research aims to identify the most important factors controlling and influencing the work of war correspondents in Iraqi satellite channels, defining the features of that control, and revealing the priorities adopted by the war correspondents in dealing with the most important events and their relationship with administrative, political and professional references, and this research is descriptive in terms of the researcher used the method The survey, the questionnaire to collect data and information, and the sample was chosen according to the method of the chance sample, and the size of the field research sample amounted to 95 respondents from war correspondents working in Iraqi satellite channels, and the research concluded with a set of results, the most important of which are:

  1. Most of the research sample, at a rate of (67.4%), indicated that the reason for choosing to work as a war correspondent is (personal desire) and this explains the personal motivation to work despite the risks to which the reporter is exposed on the battlefield.

  2. The results of the research sample's answers showed, at a rate of (33.5%), the clear dependence of the war correspondents in the Iraqi satellite channels on government sources in obtaining news, and this may be in an attempt to complement those sources.

  3. The results of the research indicated that the most important source of the fear of dissatisfaction with news coverage of events stems mainly from anxiety (from dissatisfaction with the channel) with a rate of (43.2%), which explains the fear that the war correspondent has of losing work or administrative punishment far away. For other considerations.

  4. The research sample indicated, at a rate of (19.8%) that the most important difficulties facing the war correspondent when covering events are the weakness of coordination between the channel and the military commanders to obtain approvals to enter the battlefield.

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