Pakistan’s Perception And Responses Towards The Cold Start Doctrine

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Ajay Kumar


The article aim is to explore how Pakistan perceives the Indian Cold Start Doctrine. The article also highlights various possible responses from Pakistan to counter the Cold Start Doctrine. India and Pakistan have bitter and hostile relations since the time of partition. India and Pakistan's estranged relationship is mainly due to Pakistan's negative perception towards India and the Kashmir issue. The two countries have fought many wars in the past, and India defeated all-time Pakistan. Pakistan's military knows that they cannot defeat India in a total fledge battle because the Indian Army is superior to the Pakistani Army both in number and modern types of equipment. But still, Pakistan is hoping to defeat India in future by launching small and localized conflicts. Pakistan believes that the Cold Start Doctrine will remain on paper with no serious threat. At the same time, Pakistan doubts the intentions of India. Pakistan is asserting that it is fully prepared to deal with internal as well as external threats. Pakistan is developing itself both at the conventional and nuclear levels to deal with any danger.

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