News Frames of Sunni – Shiite Media Discourse in Talk Shows Fadak and Wesal Channels as a Model

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Dr. Solafah Farouq Al-Zoubi


This study aims to identify the news frames of Sunni – Shiite media discoursethrough analyzing the content of talk shows in” Fadak” and “Wesal” TV channels, and how it was employed to formulate the knowledge of the Arab public towards Sunnis and Shiites. The study aimed to identify the attention given to Sunni and Shiite discourse in both channels, as well as the points of difference between them in order to find out how Sunni and Shiite topics were addressed. In order to achieve the study objective, the researcher analyzed the content of “Malafat Wa Oqol” Program in Fadak TV Channel, and “La’allahom Yahtadoun” Program in Wesal TV Channel. The study concluded that the case of “Insulting and cursing the Family of the Prophet” came first with (25%) among all the topics addressed by the two programs, and it ranked the highest in Fadak Channel (33.3%), while it ranked (16.7%) in Wesal Channel. The intimidation inducements ranked first in the list of used inducements with (25%), as was the highest percentage in Fadak Channel (33.3%), while the mental inducements ranked first in Wesal Channel. As for the religious evidences, it came first on the list of used persuasion methods for both channels with (35.2%). The results showed that both channels depended on the religious leadersin the first place with (37.5%), followed by the political leaders with (29.16%). However, Wesal Channel used religious and political leaders much more than Fadak Channel.

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