Perceived Need Experience Of Breast Cancer Survivors Seeking Health Care – A Qualitative Approach

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Shankar Shanmugam Rajendran, et. al.


The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer may have a significant effect on a woman's overall health. Breast cancer cases and survival rates have been steadily increasing, putting an added strain on healthcare needs and facilities. Thus, thorough and in-depth understandings of the perceived needs of breast cancer survivors arecritical for enhancing their quality of life. Aim: To explore the perceived needs of the breast cancer survivors. Methods: This qualitative phenomenological design was conducted involving breast cancer survivors attending medical&Radiation Oncology outpatient department using purposive sampling technique. A semi structured open ended questions for in-depth interviews and Focus Group Discussion were used to elicit data. RESULTS: The core themes which emerged as a result of thematic analysis were Physical and Psychosocial Need, Coping Strategy, Treatment Compliance and Quality of Life. CONCLUSION: Clients suffering with breast cancer should be assessed for perceived needs to enhance their quality of life. Oncology nurses play a critical role in breast cancer survivor’s care. Nurse led management seemed to be effective in providing specific evidence-based practice pertaining to the perceived needs that could help the patients to improve and lead a life in a productive and peaceful manner.

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