Factors Associated with Secondary School Learners' Mathematical Poor Performance in Kandahar City

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Mohammad Farooq Hakimi, et. al.


Mathematics makes a base for the different courses from social science to natural science. Even in daily life basic mathematics knowledge and skills are required to handle your daily life. Various negative and positive factors affecting attaining mathematics skills in students. We have been experienced that students are not interested in mathematical subjects and courses, in Kandahar City. The reason could be troll back to school and school duration. Students' Motivation and inspiration very important for school-aged students. It could change the decision and thoughts of students throughout life. This research is descriptive in its nature and data has been collected through a written questionnaire by random simple sampling from secondary classes students in Kandahar city. The finding showed that majority of students not interested and less number of students liked this subject. Lack of students' labour, parents' supports, and unprofessional of teachers and low qualified teachers. 



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