A Study on Employee Training Of Nationalised Banks In Kanyakumaridistrict

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The skills of any employees depend on the training and development programmes which are adopted by the bank. It is important to mention that a skill of employees improves the efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of the bank. In this background study is selected to know the training programmes adopted by nationalized banks to improve the skill of an employee in order to accomplish the objectives of the bank. Hence study is undertaken. The research work confines itself to an in-depth analysis of various aspects of training practices in Nationalized banks. The study is based on primary data in particular and secondary data in general. Primary data are collected through questionnaire, supported by personal interview and discussion with the bank staff. Secondary data are collected by referring to books, journals, magazines, research papers, articles and websites. The study is an empirical survey covering kanyakumari district of Tamilnadu and 150 employees of nationalized banks. The study is based on both the primary data and the secondary data. A total number of 150 respondents were selected randomly from the nationalized banks. Training and development programmes help remove performance deficiencies in employees and also they are esteemed resource of the bank and success or failure of the bank operation relay on the performance of employees. Timely evaluation of the success of employees’ training and development programmes are most important for the nationalized banks.

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