Perception of tourism on the socio-economic improvement of Purulia: A case study from the Ajyodha Hills, Purulia, West Bengal, India

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Shalmoli Palit, et. al.


Tourism is a process that brings economic development of a region and connects the local people with the rest of the world through social contact. The elevated plateau of Chotanagpur covered with many natural panoramic beauties is the centre of attraction as tourist spots. The geomorphic makeup of this terrain and its broadcasting in the internet through the recently developed various social media has attracted many visitors within West Bengal as well as the adjoining states to visit the place. The income flow from the tourists has led to well-developed communication and secured hospitality, development of habitable hotels in the region and vice-versa. As of late, tourists and visitors expect to enjoy the retro-urban facility, which is readily made available to the visitors. Last but not the least, cultural heritage of this region in the form of songs, dance and handicrafts are other important aspects of attraction offered by the residents to the tourists both as gift and with payment attracted and mesmerized the tourists

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