Critical Appraisal of Female Education Progression in South Asia

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Dr. (Cma) Kinnarry Thakkar, et. al.


Over the decades now, women around the globe have exposed to fewer opportunities in terms of healthcare, education, employment and political representation. The gender gaps are shrinking but the progress is uneven, when it comes to labour force participation and political representation. Progress in secondary school enrolment worldwide and with South Asia specifically is impressive but higher education remains in tits and bits. Higher Education shall aid in reducing these gender gaps invites no arguments worldwide, thus occupies a dominant position. Unfortunately, South Asia comprising of emerging and middle-income economies and house to 860 million females have displayed flat curve when it comes to tertiary education. The research study evaluates the extent of educational attainment of females in the South Asia represented with help of funnel diagram and analyzed using One Sample T test. The results display the below average performance of female enrollment in tertiary education. Analyzing Country level performance, Maldives and Sri Lanka have achieved a considerable increase in basic education enrollment ratio followed closely by India and Bangladesh, but tertiary education still remains a far distant dream.

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