An Integrated It Offshoring Success Framework For Iraqian Smes

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Abdulniser Khald Hamzah, et. al.


Recently, the Malaysian government presented the Malaysia Economic Transformation Plan, where they identified IT offshoring as a potential business service. It has been noted that the SMEs have to face many challenges and issues related to technology adoption in the field of ICT. Many developed countries have already adopted IT offshoring activities for assisting the industries in their countries in automating and streamlining their business processes. In this study, the researchers have investigated the requirements and the major success factors involved in the deployment of the IT offshoring services amongst the Iraqi SMEs for fulfilling their e-Business needs. For this purpose, they used qualitative and quantitative techniques for collecting the data from these Iraqi SMEs. The researchers used the SPSS software for analysing all the collected data.

The outcome of this research is to provide an integrated framework that can assist the SMEs to deploy the IT offshoring approach that accelerate ICT adoption for e-business implementation. The framework consists of four main stages which are motivation, decision, implementation and evaluation stage. The proposed framework went through the evaluation process with IT experts to increase the validity of research findings and outcomes.

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