Motivational Determinants and Their Effectiveness With Reference To Hermes Group, Pune

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Prof. Karuna R. Jadhav


Motivation is the driving force which initiates behaviour, directs behaviour, and sustains behaviour. It can be considered an extremely broad topic in psychology, (Martin. A. J., 2009) not only because of the scope of this definition, but also because there are a huge variety of behaviors to which the notion of motivation can be applied.  For some behaviors, such as eating and drinking, motivation can be considered partly and perhaps primarily physiological.  For other areas, including behavior at work, the role of physiological factors is likely to be much more limited. (Gay, 2000) Nevertheless, ideas from many different areas of psychology can be and have been used to analyze motivation at work.  This is appropriate because people do not leave parts of their minds or bodies at home when they go to work. This research paper suggests that theories of motivation as with research in behavioral sense in general are useful for practicing managers and employees as they can sensitize managers to specific factor and process that can have an important bearing on the behavior of the people at work.

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