Probable Difficulties Confronted By Customers: With Reference To Renewable Energy

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Rachana Rai, et. al.


Products of renewable energy have witnessed changes in its design along with its adoption strategies over the past decades. But the fact related to its slow adoption still remains in India, especially towards North Eastern part of India. Slow adoption of renewable energy may be due to various perceived problems, which may or may not be the actual problems encountered by people. This study is with regards to prospective difficulties faced by respondents from Sikkim and Darjeeling while choosing products of renewable energy, they are, Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Lamps and Biomass Stoves. The study has correlated demographical factors with the difficulties that people may be facing. Five more factors are added in the discussion for providing more in-depth reasons leading to problems of accepting renewable energy. Recommendations for the same is also provided for each factor.

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