Coping strategies use by women to handle Harassment at work places in Quetta City

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Ambreen Masood , et. al.


This study explores the coping strategies that women often use against workplace harassment. This study explains the complexity of sexual harassment coping behavior among 3 diverse samples of working women: (a) Universities, (b) Banks, and (c) NGO sector.  Based on a quantitative design, 152 respondents were selected from above mentioned organizations randomly. A self-administrative questionnaire was used for data collection. Result of the study reveals that women are using different social supports cultural strategies and develop familial relations to handle the challenges of harassment. Cultural coping strategies appropriately reflect the structural implication on daily life to cope with the challenging situation of harassment whereas familial coping strategies represent gender specific method to cope with environment. Both strategies are supposed to reduce the risk of the harassment at work place.

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