A Critical Stylistic Analysis of Sectarianism in Newspaper Articles

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Huda Ghalib Abdul Wahhab , et. al.


After the decline of Saddam’s regime, violence increased in Iraq, especially sectarian violence. The issue was reported in the media, including newspapers. Thus, this study achieves the concept of sectarianism in newspaper articles. The hallmark of the study focuses on how ideologically sectarianism is embedded in the text. Therefore, this study handles this concept throughout using the critical stylistic analysis. So, the ten tools by Jeffries (2010) are used. The aim of the study is describing the stylistic tools employed in the articles and identifying the most current stylistic tool the writer prefers to use. With the aid of critical stylistic tools, the researchers find out that Thomas L. Friedman wrote many articles concerning this concept in New York Times. This study includes  " Obama’s Iraq Inheritance" by Thomas Friedman in November 29, 2008 to be analyzed. It tackled Iraqi sectarianism when Obama became the President.

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