Remaking of MEOs Identity: An Analysis

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Dr. Jai Kishan Bhardwaj


The paper revolves around the issue of bargaining power. It is highlighted with the example of Meos of Mewat that the process of making of more Muslim identity of the poor, backward strata of Muslims i.e. of Meos is nothing but gaining of bargaining power by elitist Muslims. The going on process is continue even more dangerous today which was initiated mostly in 1920’s. How Hindu cadres were engaged in reconversion of Meos with the help of princely Hindu states of Alwar and Bharatpur in the leadership of Swami Shardhanand and Meos were taught about their glorious Hindu past. With the passage of time, Hindu efforts in the region proved to be short-lived but Islamic one i.e. Tablighi Jamaat still continues in its practice and they have been successful in their mission to a great extent. The process of Islamisation has affected the Meos identity at different levels. The paper successfully highlights how the Meo identity has shaped as Muslim identity with the passage of time. It is also pointed out that Indian Muslim identity has reshaped with the passage of time due to some factors. The author asserts that the assertion of religious identity in the process of democratisation and modernisation should be seen as a method by which deprived communities in a backward society seek to obtain a greater share of power, government jobs and economic resources.


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