The Effect of a Positive Educational Package based on the Teachings of Masnavi, Khamseh Nezami on Self-consciousness and Communication Skills in High School Students

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Hossein Esmaeili, et. al.


Positive emotions change the mental and behavioral characteristics of human beings positively. Happiness is the identification of specific abilities and their use in love, parenting, and daily work. The abilities and virtues in practice protect us from harmful psychological disorders and can be key to recovery. In addition, research has proven the effectiveness of positive thinking skills training in increasing students' happiness. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of a positive educational package based on the teachings of Masnavi and Khamseh Nezami on self-consciousness and communication skills among high school students. The sample consisted of 40 high school students, 20 ones in the experimental group and 20 ones in the control group who were selected randomly. To assess the dependent variables of the research, the Ender Bitzen and Foster’s Social Skills Questionnaire (1992) and Fanigstein, Lion and Bass’s self-consciousness questionnaire (1975) were used in the research stages. The validity and reliability of the research tools were in good condition. Among the mentioned dimensions, there is a significant difference in the total score of self-consciousness and social anxiety in the three stages of pre-test, post-test and follow-up and interaction between the mean scores of the groups (experimental and control group) with the measurement stages (P <0.05). Besides, there is a significant difference between the mean scores of pre-test with follow-up and post-test with follow-up in the component of socially desirable behaviors (P <0.05).

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