Causes and Effects of Political Extremism in Youth: A Study of Government College University, Faisalabad

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Khalid Iqbal, et. al.


This study had the aim to explore the causes of political extremism in youth which include a level of awareness and protects society from extremism. Quantitative method of research was used to conduct this study. The target population was the university students of Faisalabad. The data was collected with the help of a questionnaire. Sample size of this research was 225 and respondents were selected through simple random sampling. The research was designed to fulfill the aspects, first was to study the impact of political extremism in youth and the second was to identify the problems of extremism in youth. The study indicated the youth feel that they should have responsibility to play a role in prevention of extremism. A significant number of respondents reported that youth is the main power of the nation and can change this extremism scenario for betterment of the country. Respondents were of the views that incentives given by political parties to create their vote bank can shape the political extremism in youth. However, the youth suggest that poverty and unemployment have an important effect on political extremism of youth. Majority of respondents of this research was male, which argues that socio-economic status and lack of income is harmful to create uncertainty in youth.   

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