How to Address Your Child’s Behavioral Problems During the COVID-19 Pandemic - A Review

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Meenu Aggarwal, et. al.


The purpose of this narrative review is to provide essential insights for effective and good parenting practices to address child behavior problems during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. Long-haul social confinement and more extended periods spent on screen may prompt an unfortunate way of life. The research method was examined by leading a quality exploration investigation in the research database, accessible writing published during the progressing pandemic, and child conduct issues. Parents are in the best situation to offer their children help through powerful correspondence and communication and occupy them from limitless and uncontrolled screen time during mass isolation. Managing your kid's problematic conduct isn't just about responding to disagreement; it's likewise about proactive systems to diminish the probability of difficulties and challenges. Positive parenting with positive behaviour attitudes toward their youngsters that help kids in friendly exercises and social activities and achieve specific targets can promote child emotional and psychological development. Appropriately upheld by healthcare experts, families, and other social associations, including the school climate, children and adolescents can properly defeat states of misery.


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