Analysis On Multitasking Based Solar Powered Robot System

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Sajitha Banu.R, et. al.


The main objective of making this robot is to supply farmers with an affordable, compact, multi-use robot. It's a multiple task Robot uses solar energy in different operations, including the cutting, sprinkling, plouging and seeding of grass, fertilizer and pesticide in farms. The ultrasonic sensor also includes an obstacle detection sensor to indicate the user. It also gives an indication of Beep Sound on the robot side. The direction to move the robot is recommended. We have two control systems in our project, namely field control and robot control. When controlling the soil moisture, temperature and humidity on the field, appropriate sensors are used, the field is controlled by appropriate actions and the information is updated by an application to the farmer. Crop robbery by human beings and animal attacks in the farmland lead to severe farm losses. We can use PIR sensors and use an image processing technique to detect intruder detection in agricultural fields. In general, in agricultural fields, fire occurs naturally, which is inflamed with sunlight or heat. Therefore, we design a fire extinguishing system in the field very soon. The robot control has a camera that allows a live field view so that we can monitor everything while it performs its basic operations. The entire robot and the manual control mode by the farmer can then be switched to the automated mode for complete control over the farm. In order to control pest and weed attacks on the field, the robot sprays pesticides and weeds. In addition, the solar panel above the vehicle can recharge the battery. This ensures that the energy source is environmentally friendly and prevents the vehicle from being charged frequently

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