Sustainable Coastal Tourism Development: A review of available literary sources

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Dr. Pralay Ganguly 1 et. al.


The significant increase in worldwide tourist arrivals for the pleasure of beach holidaying leads to pressure on coastal environmental resources. Various studies carried out recently have noted that unplanned and uncoordinated coastal tourism caused degradation of coastal resources which in turn threaten the sustainability of tourism in long run. Although coastal tourism have positive economic impacts in Mediterranean region but at the same time unplanned tourism development and over exploitation of coastal resources in coastal areas causes environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and socio-cultural disruption. Government departments recommend parameters for sustainable coastal tourism development for the overall benefit of destination and habitat but due to unplanned activity and improper monitoring process these standards vary in developed and developing countries is a matter of prime concern. A number of laws, regulation for the same are introduced but the ground reality in connection with the sustainability of sea beaches is different. Keeping in view such emerging issue it was decided to review available literature and to bring it in the notice both of professional and academicians for the conservation of available coastal tourism resources for future generation and attempted to review available literature related to the sustainability of coastal tourism resources.   

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