Non-Specialized Teachers Handling Major Subjects: A Grounded Theory

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Niña Jean J. Barbadillo, et. al.


Providing quality education is always the goal of every educational institution all around the world and teachers play an important role in carrying this goal. With no strict and unified guidelines in assigning teachers’ teaching load, out of field teaching arises which in turn became a global problem. The purpose of this study is to describe the experiences of public-school teachers handling major subjects that are outside their field of specialization in Junior High School. This helps in assessing the teachers’ viewpoint and performance who are practicing out of field teaching. This study makes use of the qualitative grounded theory design wherein the respondents undergo in-depth individual interview with the researcher. One-on-one virtual interview was conducted via google meet. The findings show the root cause on why teachers are made to handle subjects that are outside their specialization; challenges that these teachers encounter in the process, personal interventions that they usually do in coping with these challenges and the professional interventions that they need from educational institution they belong to. In describing the live experience of the teachers handling major subjects which are outside their field of specialization, a “Model” is presented. It shows that the existence of non-specialized teachers in schools can affect the quality of education. It can be concluded that the teaching quality and teaching experience of the teachers are greatly affected if they are made to teach subjects outside their field of specialization.   

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