Accomplishing of the (60) m Competition and Its Relationship to the Most Important Physical and Motor Abilities of Young Runners

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Dr. Husam Abdulkadhim Raheema, et. al.


The study’s goal was to know the most important physical and agility of (60) metres young riders and to know how the most important physical and motor skills lead to the end of the (60) metres of competition for young riders. The research community identified young runners for the (60) m competition in the central Euphrates provinces, whose number is (13) runners. A sample of (12) runners was randomly selected from them, and each runner was given (6) attempts so that the sample size becomes (72) attempts.

      After completing the process of testing and measuring the search variables, the research results were extracted after statistical treatment. From them, the researchers reached several conclusions, the most important of which were the following:

    - The achievement of five physical and motor skills most necessary for young riders (explosive capabilities of both men, distinctive strength of both legs of the speed and distinctive strength of the speed, versatility of both legs of the arm, agility) out of (9) physical and engine abilities) to complete the (60) metre competition.

The researchers came up with recommendations, the most important of which are:

It is necessary to know the most important physical and motor abilities to accomplish the young runners of the 60-meter Sprint competition.

  - It is necessary to focus on developing the essential elements of runners, especially the most important in performing speed competitions, including (the explosive ability of the two men, and the distinctive strength of speed of the legs and arms, flexibility of the legs, agility).   

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