An Experimental Investigation of Premature Death of Sensor Node used in Io Tat Colder Environmental Conditions with Strategies to Mitigate the Same

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Dr. Satyanarayana Chanagala, et. al.


The Sensor Node Is A Vital Component Of Iot Technologies. The Main Objective Of This Paper Is To Study Theimpactofthesensorfieldenvironmentonthelifetimeofthebatteryofthesensornode.Specifically, Temperature, One Of The Environmental Parameters, Is Chosen For The Experimental Studies Undertaken In This Work. The Lifetime And The Power Consumed By The Sensor Node Are Analyzed At Different Temperatures. The Reasons For The Early Death Of The Battery Of The Sensor Node At Lower Temperatures Are Identified. Some Strategies Are Proposed To Overcome The Same. Experimental Results Have Shown The Life Of The Sensor Node Is 18% More When The Proposed Techniques Are Used.

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