Holistic Organizational Gains via Green Strategies: A techno-legal perspective

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Dr. Salil Seth, et. al.


The eco-educated millennial generation employee is attracted towards a company that promises value driven business culture aligned with
sustainability. Corporate ethical code of the 21st century is ‘Being Green’. Green technology cannot stand in isolation without its management in
action. A management perspective is significant for organizations slated towards growing green. Collaborating economic capacity building with
environmental sensitivity should be the prime objective of today’s business organizations. An attempt is made to draft a conceptual blueprint
which encapsulates the steps for implementing green management and linking it with organizational sustainability indices. The existing greening
strategies of 6 R’s namely recycle, repair, recondition, remanufacture, reduce and reuse for eliminating hazardous impact of carbon footprints
need a practical translation. The objective of the paper is to decode the organizational gains obtained via implementation of green management
strategies with their techno- legal implications and subsequently propose a conceptual model depicting the same. To achieve these, conceptual
framework analysis (qualitative approach) has been applied to vital literature frames derived from rich and authentic social sciences &
environment oriented technical secondary data repositories. Subsequently, a techno-management approach is applied to establish a strong
relationship between environment related green strategies and organizational sustainability. The present paper is likely to serve two fold benefit:
(I) it provides a major first mover competitive advantage for business organizations implementing them for cost effectiveness and branding and
(II) it will help to create an ecologically driven sustainable society.

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