The Potential Development for Business of Hot Spring to Support Health Tourism and High Value Services based on Community Resources for Community Involvement Tourism Management in Mae Sort District, Tak Province

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Jutatip Junead, et. al.


This research aims to 1) study and analyze the potential of medical tourism management at the local areas of hot spring in Mae Sot District, Tak
Province 2) study the attributes of minerals and analyze the quality of water at hot spring areas in Mae Sot District, Tak Province 3) suggest the
guidelines in managing hot spring areas in the community to become medical tourism sites with high values of in Mae Sot District, Tak
Province. This study is mixed research. The researchers used 5 conceptual frameworks and theories, which compose of Tourism and Tourism
Elements, medical tourism, Integration and Participation, making decision for traveling, and determining standard and quality of medical hot
spring tourism as research framework.The research area is Tak Province, meanwhile the samples as the main informants were divided into four
groups. The researcher selected 25 main informants while using 3 types of research tools, which are 1) in-depth interview as conversation,
participant observation, and checking lists for tourism resources together with analysis on the quality of water as the tool for collecting data and
information. In addition, the researcher utilized content analysis in conjunction with description. Research results revealed that the strength of
this locality is the service providers with high service mind and hospitality. However, the weakness is that local members who run medical
tourism business still lack for the expertise in designing tourism activities appropriate for a certain group of travelers. However, the main
opportunity is the rising trend of medical tourism that is being well-received among travellers worldwide. Meanwhile, the vital treat for
developing this medical tourism area is the period of global economic recession that is responsible for delaying tourism excursion. According to
the analysis on water by using atomic absorption spectroscopy, minerals, calcium, sodium, copper, potassium, magnesium, and zinc were found
in this hot spring. Therefore, the researcher would like to suggest the guideline for developing this medical tourism site based on 5A’s Theory
and A-I-C procedures that comprise the aspect of tourism site and attraction, the aspect of accessibility, the aspect of accommodation, the aspect
of facilities, the aspect of tourism activities, and the aspect of community participation.

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