The Promotion of Cultural Community - Based Tourism of Chiang Khan District, Loei Province

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Dr.Pakamas Chairatana1, et. al.


The purposes of the research were: 1) to study the potential of cultural community – based tourism attraction of Chiang Khan district, Loei
province and 2) to study the guidelines for the tourism promotion in Chiang Khan district, Loei province. Research methodology was
qualitative. The people relating to tourism management in Chiang Khan district, Loei province were determined as the sample groups. The indepth interviews were used to collect the data from 20 relating people from government sectors, private sectors, community sectors and technical
officers. Research tools consisted of the in-depth and semi-structure interview about the potential of tourism attraction in the community of
Chiang Khan district and Marketing Mix '7Ps.
The result showed that cultural community – based tourism of Chiang Khan district, Loei province was presented through the unique local life
style. There are distinctly unique religion, local culture, and handicraft in Chiang Khan community. The beauty of architecture of the temples is
outstanding and significant in history. The cultural tourism is varied and unique in each community. There are unique and outstanding food,
languages, costumes, and ways of life. There are also various kinds of distinct OTOP products in each area. The walking street is one of the
most important tourist attractions at Chiang Khan Municipality. The tourists visiting Chiang Khan never miss religious tourism. Many gorgeous
temples are famous for Buddhist art like enormous Buddha statues. Chiang Khan Skywalk at Phu Khok Ngio, a new tourist destination, is
developed to attract more tourists. Therefore, the tourist attractions in each Chiang Khan community are distinctly unique and outstanding. The
most important thing is strong co- operation from all sectors of Chiang Khan community to develop tourism to be sustainable tourist attractions

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