Development of Strategies to Promote the Learning and Innovation Skills of Students ForSchools under the Secondary EducationalService Area Office

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PhatthananPhiphitthanawong, et. al.


The purposes of this research were: 1) to study the components and indicators of students’ learning and innovation skills for schools under the
Secondary Educational Service Area Office; 2) to study the current conditions and factors contributing to the promotion of students' learning and
innovation skills; 3) to create and review strategies that promote students' learning and innovation skills. The sample groups consisted of 357
school administrators and teachers. The tools used in this study were interviews, current condition questionnaires and factors contributing to the
promotion of students' learning and innovation skills and the construction and strategies assessment. The data were analyzed by using
percentage, frequency, mean, and standard deviation. The research results were found: 1) The components and indicators of learning and
innovation skills of students consisted of 3 compositions and 11 indicators, 2) The current conditions promoting learning and innovation skills,
Creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, and communication and collaboration were at a high level. Additionally,
internal and external factors were at a high level. Share value and technology were at the highest level, 3) Assessing suitability and the
implementing strategies consisted of 4 strategies, 14 minor strategies, strategies verification by suitability assessment and implementing
strategies by experts, Strategy 1 Staff development has the highest average in the overview

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