The Model of School for Southern Students in the North during the Division of Vietnam (1954-1975)

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Luu Van Quyet, et. al.


In the period of 1954-1975, as Vietnam was split into two regions of two different political regimes, there appeared the model of School for
Southern Students (SSS) in the Northern region. This special educational model was formed after the signing of the Geneva Accords which led
to the division of Vietnam in 1954, and then developed along with the fight for reunification of the country until April 1975. The goal of
establishing the system of SSS was to provide human resources for the resistance war against American in the South, as well as for building and
developing Vietnam after its liberation; thus, special incentives and training were given to Southern students, which added to their certain
contributions to the country before and after 1975. This article focuses on clarifying the factors that affect the establishment and development of
SSS model, the organization, management, education and training of Southern students, thus pointing out the contributions of Southern students
to the struggle for liberation of the South as well as the construction of Vietnam after the liberation day

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