The Participation Model of Ageing as an Active Citizen

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Suwanna Vudhironarit, et. al.


Thai Population as the aged society in 2021, it is expected to reach in 28 percent in 2031 and will become super aged society. The people
engaged to older ages, their ability was decreases, and would be referring to the dependence. The activity theory believes that the elderly was
active life-style, and they are more satisfied in life. The researcher was interested in developing a participation model of ageing as an active
citizen. We collected data by focus group discussion at three best practice of ageing participation regions. Each region consists the chief of
organization, practitioners and Active Aging, all of that about 7-10 people. The result showed the Participation Model of Ageing as an active
citizen consisted of 1) the policies for joining elderly, 2) the responsible person, 3) notify to the elderly understanding policies, 4) the process
was clearly, 5) the elderly decided to activity joining as problem presentation, problems solving activities for the community and themselves,
management, modify and improve actions and joining activity, and 6) to their benefits as increasing ADL, Health, social network, increased selfhealth satisfaction, income, and self-esteem.

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