Personnel Administration according to Buddhist Principle of Education Personnel in the School moving towards Sustainability

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Sombat Rattanakorn, et. al.


The personnel administration requires modernization and being in time for change. Importantly, administration must be flexible and can always
be integrated with various situations. Consequently modern and sustainable personnel administration is a combination of interdisciplinary
administration. However, another form of administration that can go together completely with personnel administration and always modern is
administration according to the principles of Buddhism. It is a practice of the principles of Buddhism in administration.In this case, it is
Suppurisadhamma VII which is the principle creating a person with virtues and righteousness. In other words, a person with knowledge, wisdom
or correct perspective according to the truth. A person with moral behaviour or a good man who knows the cause, knows the purpose, knows
oneself, knows how to be moderate, knows the proper time, knows the society and knows the individual. These principles can be integrated or
applied to personnel administration effectively although they have been discovered for more than two thousand and five hundred years. This
will affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the administration that is sustainable and stable and administration with morality as well.

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