Self-care Practices and Mental Well-Being of UBian Students

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Leny Estacio, Jozenieh Acab


The implementation of the Mental Health Law of the Philippines 2017 heightened the emphasis on good mental health or wellness. Concerning this, self-care is seen as contributing to a person's healthy mental well-being. The observation implies that even as students who are in a transitional phase, they engage in a continuous effort to look into their well-being to deter compromises in their mental health. To address this in the University of Baguio, quantitative descriptive research was used to look into the self-care practices, and mental well-being of first-year college students. The findings showed that the students' physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and relations self-care practices were carried out. However, research findings showed that male students tend to look more into their physical self-care practices while the female students tend to look more into their emotional self-care practices. When it comes to their general well-being, research findings showed that first-year college students perceived that they have a high level of well-being. Having considered the research findings, a program on mental health and wellness was crafted

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