Development Of Material Management in Store Department of a Dairy Industry: A Case Study

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Nikhil Modi, Purvi Chauhan, Ketan Kushwah, Jayesh Chaudhary


The efficient and effective Material Management leads in progressive growth and success of an Industry. This study observes existing material management in a dairy industry. Various types of perishable products are processed and packed in this industry. Many types of packaging materials are used to packed these products. To identify most revenue generating products which generates most revenue to this industry, ABC analysis was done. This study focuses on low cost techniques to material management eliminating automation (like AGVs, and many more) methods which is highly practised in current market which can only be adopted by big industries. This study involves some tactics in managing materials like material handling equipment (MHE), Stacking, Zone-Picking methods. This improvised combination methodology increases overall space utilization by 18%, overall pallet accommodation by 37.83% and decrease of lead time by 50% as compared to existing material management methodology

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