Optimization Of A Plant Layout For The Forklift Movement For A Coffee Plant

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Prof. Bindhu.A.S, Dr. Manjunatha.B, Dr.Neetha K


The Well-organized layout and effective use of assets; manpower,equipment and space will have a positive attitude to wards manufacturing companies' production. A case study was performed at a Mysore coffee factory and this paper presents th e conclusions and recommendations for an improved plant layo ut and materials handling method.Inherent issues inside the pro duction system were established by using questionnaires and av ailable documents from the company.It ranged from crisscrossi ng stream patterns, undocumented production schedules and po orly organized packaging and handling of materials.An alternat ive approach has been proposed to accomplish a novel system mapping method for the layout, usable space and machinery ha ndling materials.Results from the evaluation of the selected mo del showed that streamlined nature of the plant layout increased  overall productivity.


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