Measuring and Analyzing the Impact of Customs Taxes on the Trade Balance in Iraq for the Period 2004-2019

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Diaa Hussein Saud, Ahmed Whyeb Alrawi, Dr Abdul Rahman Obaid Juma


The research aims to shed light on the analysis of the impact of customs taxes on the trade balance in Iraq for the period 2004-2019 using statistical and standard methods to obtain the most accurate results through estimating and analyzing the effect of the relationship between variables in the application side, in which the ARDL model was used, as there was a positive relationship. Between customs taxes and the trade balance in the short term and an inverse relationship between them in the long term, the researchers reached several conclusions, the most important of which was the major imbalance in the structure of Iraq’s foreign trade, represented by the control of crude oil exports as a raw material by more than (95%) of the total public revenues of Iraq. While its imports constitute a wide spectrum of various consumer and investment goods, as this imbalance constitutes an obstacle to achieving the desired objectives of foreign trade, and thus will affect the state of balance in the trade balance.                                                                  

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