Playing Ability Of Netball Players In Relation To Selected Speed Parameters

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Dr.K.Vaithianathan, Maria George


The motivation behind the investigation was to discover the connection between playing ability and chosen speed variables of netball players. To arrive at the investigation, complete of thirty (N=30) netball players as subject chosen from Calicut university. The chosen subjects were partaken in intercollegiate netball title during the year 2019-20. The age subjects was range between 18-25 years. In this examination was directed to assess the playing capacity of netball players regarding the speed parameters: speed, and agility separately. The playing ability was estimated by the subjective rating. The subject speed was assessed through 50 meter run and the agility was assessed through shuttle run test. Unmistakable measurements were inferred for all test factors using SPSS. To decide the relationship between playing ability and chose speed Variables was assessed by Pearson product moment correlation test. The degree of freedom is set at 0.05. The aftereffect of the investigation shows that there would be huge relationship between playing ability and chose speed variables like speed and agility


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