An Empirical Analysis Of Online Learning Over The Face-To-Face Learning

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Dr. Kinnarry Thakkar, Priyadharshini Nair


The massive growth in technology gave impetus to the virtual world. Within a decade e-world is gradually entering all the sectors. Right from online shopping, booking tickets, trading of shares, online banking facilities etc., and the education system is not an exception to it. The recent pandemic brought a drastic change to the learning world, as the whole education system took a new path of learning and teaching. This pandemic forced all the schools and education to shut under lockdown and all the educators and students were put in a situation to learn everything online. Various challenges were faced by the teachers and students as it was highly challenging and difficult to adapt to a new learning world within a short time and with less resources. Hence an attempt is made to study the analysis of online learning over the face-to-face learning. The various challenges faced by both teachers and students and areas of improvement are suggested. A sample size of 120 respondents was selected as population; the primary method of data collection was used by using a questionnaire. Descriptive analysis is done to analyze the situation and its acceptance level of this new normal from both teachers’ and students’ perspective.

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