Pandemic Corona and civil liability for transmission of infection (comparative study in Jordanian and Qatari Law)

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Dr. Mohammed Alta'ani, Dr. Hisham Shakhatreh, Dr. Naser Albala'wi, Haitham Alta'ani


This study deals with the issue of civil liability for the Corona virus vector, because of its dangerous effects on the level of individuals and societies, in light of the legislation governing the rules of Jordanian civil liability and comparing it to Qatar, so the Jordanian civil law in Article 256 may address this topic and compare it with the legislation of the State of Qatar in Article 199 of Qatari Civil Law. This study aimed to clarify the civil liability of the vector of Coronavirus infection in order to limit the spread of this epidemic. This issue was dealt with by clarifying the cases that require accountability of the infection carrier according to Jordanian and Qatari law, and the conflict in defense orders and achieving health security and the effectiveness of preventive measures in light of the Defense Law issued by the Royal Decree on 3/17/2020, which includes the approval of Cabinet Resolution No. 9060 Issued on 3/17/2020, which included the enforcement of Defense Law No. (13) Of 1992.


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